martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Days of the Week

Days of the week songs:

Days of the week games:
Drag all the days on left to the correct numbers on the right, then press the "Check my answer" button to check the answer.

What are the days of the week in English? Practise the names of the days with this game.

Miss Marijú

Simple Circuits

Hello everybody,

My students learnt about electricity and simple circuits. All my students were very excited learning about these subjects.

My objective was that my students learn the necessary parts of electrical circuit, and review how electrical energy can be transformed into other energy forms. So, I started the class by showing a video:

I asked my students to share ideas about it. Also, they watched a presentation and played a game in the Smart board.
Follow the link below:

I hope this information can help you to review at home about electricity and simple circuits.

See you soon.

Miss Marijú