martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Song of the Week: Sandy Beach


Beach, beach, Sandy, beach
Feel the sand on your feet

Beach, beach, Sandy, beach
Feel the sand on your feet

Snap, snap, snap, snap goes the crap
Sssssss goes the fish
Brrrrrrrr says the jellyfish (BIS)

Feel the sand on your feet X4

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Library Visit

Hello everybody,

On Thursday we visited the library and shared a great story. Also, at the library we met the new volunteer Lauren, she is from England and she was happy to read us the story “Opposites”. Anteaters loved the story and they were excited when it was time to answer the questions that Lauren asked.

Thanks Lauren!

Miss Marijú


Materials Everywhere





sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Experiment: How To Do the Bouncy Egg

Hello everybody,

On Friday, we visited the Lab, and we made an experiment. We placed a few eggs in a container, then we added vinegar so to cover the eggs and finally we covered the container. We put it in the refrigerator and let the eggs sit in the vinegar for 24 hours.

 On Monday we will find out what will happened with the eggs! We can hardly wait!

Update *24/08/2015: You won’t believe what happened! The eggshell dissolved, and we can play with the eggs and make then bounce.

Comparing Number Values

click ->

Counting Down From Twenty Song

martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

Song of the week: I'm sick

Let's learn new word:

Let's sing!

lunes, 17 de agosto de 2015

Letter and Sound /j/

Lets's sing


jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

martes, 11 de agosto de 2015

Song of the Week: Baby Chick

For three days and nights I look
Baby chick
I can't sleep, I peek and peek
Baby chick

I look here baby chick
I look there baby chick,
I've been looking everywhere

White and yellow
crest of red baby chick,
on a bed, to rest his head
baby chick
Flaps his wings baby chick,
sleepy thing baby chick
where can you be baby chick?

I looked In Brazil for you baby chick,
followed rivers, to the sea baby chick
When I find baby chick,
we'll be three baby chick
Where can you be baby chick

viernes, 7 de agosto de 2015

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Transportation Song

Here are the lyrics:

I ride on a bike
I ride on a bike,
but I want to go faster

I ride on a bus
I ride on a bus,
but I want to go faster

I ride in a car
I ride in a car,
but I want to go faster

I fly on a plane
I fly on a plane,
but I want to go faster

Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two,
one, go!

I fly in a rocket
I fly into space in a rocket

Means of Transportation




The Game:

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015

martes, 4 de agosto de 2015

Song of the Week: Sailing in my boat!

Pattern Matcher

In these fun pattern games for kindergarten and preschool, silly pictures make patterns that repeat. Can you find the patterns that repeat the same way?


lunes, 3 de agosto de 2015

Welcome Back

Dear Anteaters,

Welcome back to school. We are about to start the 3rd. term. This is a new term were we are going to learn a lot of new vocabulary, songs, numbers, and much, much more. Our new topic is patterns! We will be looking for patterns everywhere we go.

I’m so happy to see you again. The school is not the same without you!!!

With love,

Miss Marijú